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Habitat the Animation Series

As we grow Habitat we also hope to launch an animation series. We were lucky enough to receive funding from Screen NSW’s development fund to write a script for the first episode. We also have outlines for the first 12 episodes.

Habitat is an action-packed 52 x 12 minute animation series for 8 – 12 year olds about two pre-teen eco-warriors on a mission…
to save our planet from ecological disaster!
Harry and Rachel are 12 year old twins travelling the world on a constant look-out for environmental hot-spots. Their goal? To save endangered habitats and help stop the destruction of the planet’s natural resources. Home is The Ladybird, a temperamental old sailing boat their eccentric grand-dad, Magnus, has converted into a solar-powered, emissions-free, self-sufficient super-yacht!

Armed with only a laptop and trusty video camera, the globetrotting trio sail to far-flung corners of the world in search of awesome adventures, uploading their discoveries so other kids will be to inspired to help create a sustainable world!

It’s a non-stop wild ride through exotic ecosystems as our intrepid nature-lovers help threatened animals and the communities that share their habitats defend their homes from the greedy ravages of EYW (Everything You Want) – a shadowy group of eco-villains determined to destroy the planet in their quest to obtain more wealth, land and power.

Along the way they rescue a polar bear stranded in the remote Kuril Islands in the icy Sea of Okhotsk; venture deep into the Sunderban swamp to save a legendary Bengal tiger; and run riot in the jungles of Kalimantan with a family of orangutans.

These animals will be featured in the companion Habitat online game, which teaches kids how to look after their very own endangered animal and in the process learn how to make everyday changes to their carbon footprint.

Using cutting-edge green-screen animation to bring to life digitally enhanced landscapes and animals, Habitat combines stunning imagery, exciting storytelling and innovative online game-play to create a totally immersive experience that helps kids understand the affects of climate change on our planet, and empowers them to believe they really can change the world!

Watch the series… play the game …and save the planet!

Below are our original artwork for the series.

Characters from Habitat the game's animation series

Characters from Habitat the game’s animation series


Rewards for finding real world locations

HABITAT aims to create a conversion of real-life actions and in-game consequences as part of an entertaining experience for players. Encouraging players to engage with the real world is an important part of HABITAT.

The game rewards players for visiting specified locations. We are proud to announce that EcoPOPs will be the first location based activity; as part of the game players will be rewarded for visiting ecoPOPs sites.

What is an ecoPOP?

An ecoPOP is a small free-standing and self-sustained green urban oasis that catches and stores its own water from rainfall, powers itself with the energy of the sun, generate its own nutrients, grows your own food, recycles materials, refreshes cities, improves the air quality, builds better communities and anyone can install it.

An ecoPOP is a small free-standing and self-sustained green urban oasis

An ecoPOP is a small free-standing and self-sustained green urban oasis

Real World Questions for the Players

In addition to taking care of the bears and playing mini-games, players can earn eco tokens by performing real-world missions.

These missions vary in difficulty. Many will be “honor system” activities that the app does not directly track, but maintains an instructional value whether the player performs them or not.

The eco tokens that are earned can use in the virtual store. Undertaking real world actions will also improve the health of the glacier park where their bear resides.

Some of the example questions for our players can be seen below. The savings for these behaviours are calculated by Sydney University.

Dark nights
I turned off the lights
INSERT – number of lights
INSERT – number of nights

Super Scrub
I took a short shower (3 minutes or less)
INSERT – number taken

Hit the Source
I turned off electronic gadgets at the source
INSERT – number of gadgets
INSERT – Hours

 No Baggage
I took our own shopping bags to the store
INSERT – Number of bags

If you have any ideas about actions your kids would like to do let us know.

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