Habitat quote from Wellington Council

“Habitat was just what we were looking for to encourage more young people and their families in to our green spaces.

Wellington is full of beautiful parks and stunning coastline and Habitat is the perfect marriage of nature and the digital age.

Partnering with Habitat was an easy choice as it is low cost and low risk, it has a sustainable and environmental focus, allows kids to learn about their immediate surroundings and local and native wildlife, all of which are top priorities for Wellington City Council, and piques their interest on an international level.

Introducing this app in to our city has bought a lot of different organisations together to collaborate with the same vision and direction, it’s been such a privilege to be a part of and I can’t wait to add more locations in the future.”

Jaime Hayden
Innovation Officer | City Innovation | Wellington City Council

About habitatthegame

The world’s habitats are in danger and you can help save them. In the vein of the Tamagotchi persistence play craze of the 90s, users will undertake actions to keep an endangered animal alive. In Habitat game players will adopt a polar bear. To keep the bear alive and healthy, players need to successfully complete events in the game and undertake real world actions. By completing these TASKS players will progress through levels, increasing the health of their bear and earn badges of recognition for their efforts. Ultimately the goal is to save the world by improving the bear’s health.

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