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One Habitater’s story about eating ethical seafood

Yesterday we posted a picture about sustainable seafood options on Instagram:

Sustainable Seafood options

We then received a fantastic email from Rose Anthes who is in Year 6 at Canterbury Public School Sydney Australia. She is a budding, talented young writer and she sent us her short story called “No More Soup” check it out below.

Well done to Rose and if there are any other Habitaters out there that want to send us their environmental stories email us at info (at)




On the corner of a main road in Beijing, China, a tall man and his daughter are seated at a lacquered table in one of China’s most leading restaurant chains. The daughter goes to the bathroom, while the man orders the soup of the day. ‘This is delicious’ he exclaims to the waiter, “Where did you get it?” his daughter comes back from the restroom and places her hands on her father’s shoulders, determined to hear the story too.

Silvery scales glide past my sleek, huge body as I stalk my prey, a whiskered seal silently. One chomp of my colossal jaws end its tinny life and I feast on the meat, letting the bloody entrails drop into the darkness below my pride and joy, my gigantuan great white shark body and lower fins. I hunger for more, much more. The shallow, calm waters of the wide bay call me, promising easy hunting. The bay lures me, and I find myself sliding through the water in the general direction of the bay. The scent of blood enters my nose and brain, confusing me, but getting stronger at every metre I pass.

Something swift passes me by. I turn my large head and snap at it, hoping for some bigger prey. It is only a tuna and I snort in disappointment, but eat it anyway. It does little to satisfy my hunger. . A fishing boat passes atop me, darkening the water with its shadow. Inquisitive about the scent of blood, which source I have not found yet draws me in. Creating a bloody halo for the scene in front of my eyes, shafts of sunlight shine through the clouded water. A dead shark, much smaller than me lies on the sandy bottom of the ocean.

Apon inspecting closer, I see that the shark’s fin had been hacked off unprofessionally, causing it to drown. I knew that the shark had been killed recently, due to the blood still weeping from the fatal wound. That meant than the Chinese ships were still in the area. I turned and sped away into the gloom, away from the place of death and away from he bay. I made a tiny dinner of small, bony fish and stayed alert all night.

As a pale dawn light shows in the east, I set off to find breakfast. My sharp senses told me that there was a colony of seals basking in the sunlight on a rocky island to the south of the kill site. I made my way there and managed to pick of a few at the edges while the doomed seals that were destined to be eaten by me were sleeping.

After feasting on the seal’s succulent meat, I took to patrolling the ocean for the Chinese ship, ready to give them an unpleasant surprize when it came to it.

I entered the bay, sure that I was going to see that hateful ship anchored there at this hour. In stead I had a shock when I realised that the ship wasn’t there, but in stead there it was behind me, forcing me into the wide, shallow, but now deadly bay. Some of the despised men who were good shots threw a rough, but strong net over me and I struggled to get free from the dark, tarred and tough strings. Behind me the men hooted and whistled, surprized at my size, now that I had been forced to the surface. A man who was surprisingly almost half as big as me hauled me up and over the wooden rail and onto the splintery deck. One of the hated humans took a knife from a table and started to walk towards me. The keen blade glinted in his hand as he started to saw at my fin. Agony spread through my body, emanating out from the place were my fin used to be. I saw that beautiful, silvery part of my body that had been severed in the hands of greedy mankind and then, the two twin giant mountains of people rolled me off the tarp I had been lying and bleeding on and into the harsh, unforgiving sea. Laughing, they watched and did nothing as I sank in to the waves and to death, never to be seen by the greedy mankind again.

“I am not hungry anymore, father” replies the girl calmly and they leave the fancy Chinese restaurant forever

Shark Fin Soup - drawing by Rose Anthes

What is Habitat the Game?

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