Our Team

Our Team includes a talented range of professionals from diverse backgrounds who have come together to create this engaging educational experience.

Kylee Ingram, Producer and concept, Elevator Entertainment – Kylee’s Linked In Profile
James Hackett, Creative Director/Designer, Hackett Films Jame’s Linked In Profile
Erin Hoffman, Making Wonder, Consultant for Game Design Erin’s Linked In Profile
Matt Pearson, Project Manager, Hackett Films
Matt’s Linked In Profile
Brian Su, Lead Developer -User interface – Brian’s Linked In Profile
Greg Hunsburger, 3D Designer, Hackett Films – Greg’s Linked In Profile
Nick Barkl, Social Media, Elevator Entertainment – Nick’s Linked In Profile
Iz El-Bahnasy, Developer, Ruby on Rails – Iz’s LinkedIn Profile
Chris Dey, Algorithms for behaviours, Sydney University – Dr Chris Dey’s Profile
Jacob Fry, Algorithms for behaviours, Sydney University
Audio Production, Tactile Music – Gary’s Linked In Profile
Wendy Mather, Brand Design, Hackett Films

Also check out the work that our friends at both Sydney University and the Wildlife Conservation Society are undertaking to bring Habitat to life.

Habitat was a finalist in the Content 360 competition in Cannes in 2010. Since Habitat has received funding from Screen Australia and Screen NSW’s Interactive Media Fund.

Screen NSW Logo


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