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Real World Questions for the Players

In addition to taking care of the bears and playing mini-games, players can earn eco tokens by performing real-world missions.

These missions vary in difficulty. Many will be “honor system” activities that the app does not directly track, but maintains an instructional value whether the player performs them or not.

The eco tokens that are earned can use in the virtual store. Undertaking real world actions will also improve the health of the glacier park where their bear resides.

Some of the example questions for our players can be seen below. The savings for these behaviours are calculated by Sydney University.

Dark nights
I turned off the lights
INSERT – number of lights
INSERT – number of nights

Super Scrub
I took a short shower (3 minutes or less)
INSERT – number taken

Hit the Source
I turned off electronic gadgets at the source
INSERT – number of gadgets
INSERT – Hours

 No Baggage
I took our own shopping bags to the store
INSERT – Number of bags

If you have any ideas about actions your kids would like to do let us know.

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