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Meet our music composer – Gary Sinclair

What is your role on Habitat?Image
Sound design and music composition

Tell us a little about your background?
Music production/supervision and audio post for all media. At the moment my back ground, like..behind me? there are lots of people making a polar bear do strange things on computers.

What aspects of Habitat are you most excited about?
an intuitive all encompassing feel god fun experience. and helping to create a lovely world to explore and maintain. Also to encourage positive behaviours too

What are some of the challenges that the team has been facing?
creating the emotional sounds of a polar bear.

What are some of the music references you are using for the game?
music references are anything from archived inuit recordings to animals call/response communication systems int heir natural environment. Also current games such as the Journey and Flow. The Mogwai soundtrack for Les Revenants

What kind of feelings/thoughts do you hope the music will evoke?
i only hope that the music and sound helps to creative an overall experience, The emotions of the bear and the game will be determined by the player and how they play the game, i hope the music will reflect this.

What future do you see for Habitat?
cold and icy hopefully, that’s the way the bear likes it